Andrea von Braun Stiftung
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Supporting Interdisciplinarity: the Andrea von Braun Stiftung

Christoph-Friedrich von Braun, Andrea von Braun Stiftung

Der Essay erschien in der September-Ausgabe der Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (2006, Vol. 31, NO. 3).

To understand the thrust and aims of the Andrea von Braun Stiftung (Foundation) one needs to go back to the year of its establishment, 2001. There were several founders at the time who shared two things: a reasonable inheritance, and that one idea widespread among donors of wanting to "give something back", to society for the decent, challenging and safe environment in which they were brought up, for their personal fortune that granted them the opportunity to become donors in the first place, or simply in recognition of the things that had gone right in their lives. The founders differed, however, in their personal preferences for the causes to be supported by the new foundation. Most of these preferences were incompatible. For example, one of the founders is an astrophysicist and more concerned with the natural sciences than other areas of knowledge. Another is an artist in the field of information technology, with a major interest in questions of design and training, particularly in the new media. A third works in the area of problems of the developing world and was more given to supporting advances in organisational, legal and economic tools for sustainable development.

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