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The NOHA Master Course – a multidisciplinary and inter-university Programme on International Humanitarin Action

Ronja Keweloh

This paper presents the interdisciplinary NOHA Master course „International Humanitarian Action“, which links both academic education and practical trainings in order to equip students with a holistic understanding of humanitarian assistance and to prepare them comprehensively for the work in complex humanitarian emergencies. An understanding of the diverse political, social, economic and cultural settings around the globe requires knowledge in many different disciplines, as for instance, in International Relations, Anthropology, Public Health, Human Rights Law or Project Management. The paper outlines the contents of the three semesters of the NOHA postgraduate programme and explicitly discusses its multidisciplinary nature. Due to the students’ diversity in nationalities and cultural backgrounds as well as in their academic education and working experience, the course offers not only interdisciplinary education, but also provides a forum for intercultural exchange and the cross-linkage of theory and practice in the field of international humanitarian action.