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Important Information for our Applicants

For technical and personnel reasons the Andrea von Braun Foundation wishes to announce to all interested parties that for the time being no further applications for support will be accepted. We would like to re-organize our workflow and for that we need some time.


Further details:

  • Ongoing projects will continue unchanged and as planned.
  • As promised all applications that werde submitted before our last deadline in March 2022 but have not been processed yet will undergo our normal decision process in the near future. Applicants will be duly informed regarding the outcome.
  • Applications submitted after the last deadline in March 2022 unfortunately can not be processed . Applicants will be informed individually in due course.

We ask for your kind understanding for these measures. As soon as we can we will publish further information on this website about the future work of the Foundation.

Welcome to Andrea von Braun Stiftung

Our focus is the dismantling of barriers between disciplines. We support interdisciplinary cooperation und mutual fertilization among different areas of knowledge and expertise with due consideration of our current Area of Emphasis including the practical implementation of projects. Our by-laws require that the recipients of our support are actively involved in bridging the gap between disciplines. All projects must therefore touch upon at least two disciplines that should be as alien to each other as possible. Our aim is to encourage completely different areas of knowledge to become actively entangled.

In the interest of a certain level of alignment and orientation among projects, the Andrea von Braun Foundation announces a new general Area of Emphasis on a yearly basis. This Area is broadly defined to allow for multiple approaches and view points. All projects that we support need to be interdisciplinary as described above and significantly touch upon the AoE. Up to and until Sept. 30, 2022 only projects that include the current Area of Emphasis will be accepted.

The Area of Emphasis for 2021/22 is Economics of Sustainability.

Due to the great interest and numerous reactions to this subject we have decided to extend this AoE by a further year.

The number, breadth and quality of the applications that have reached us over the last 12 months have convinced us that the present Area of Emphasis covers a far greater spectrum of ideas, projects and issues that we ourselves had previously imagined. Our impression is that we have scarcely scratched the surface. For this reason we have decided to extend the current Area of Emphasis "Eonomics of Sustainability" by a further year. On October 1st 2022 we will announce the subject of the Area of Emphasis for the year 2022/2023. We look forward to receiving your ideas and proposals.

In recent years megatrends like climate change, loss of biodiversity, migratory pressures and ecological stress have led to a massive change in values, priorities and measures. The underlying question is  how we can maintain a planet that is both inhabitable and peaceful on a long-term basis. It is hard to imagine a broader interdisciplinary issue. In many respects the underlying questions can not be resolved withough including economic considerations at all levels ranging from national and international monetary and fiscal policies, through all sectors of the economy, the economics and financials of firms and industry all the way to behaviourial options in the private and non-profit areas. Recently, a lot has been thought and written about this. We are looking for unconventional and innovative approaches that will employ interdisciplinary methods toward forwarding this year's Area of Emphasis this will be valid for applications until September 2022. Some inspiration might be found under

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Silja Leinung

In heterogenen Gesellschaften existieren verschiedene Erinnerungen. In Denkmälern manifestiert sich in der Regel jedoch nur eine Erinnerung. Das Resultat der daraus hervorgehenden Spannung können Denkmalveränderungen sein, wie sie zu feministischen, postkolonialen oder antirassistischen Zwecken in den letzten Jahren immer wieder auftauchten. Die Ringvorlesung brachte...

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Submission deadline

Every year there are two rounds of applications. Our Board of Trustees convenes to decide all pending applications. These meetings are twice yearly in May/June and November/December. Submission deadlines precede these by about 10 weeks. Exact dates are announced well in advance here.

The March 2022 deadline for applications has passed. No further applications reaching us can be considerd for the time being. Further information will be pubslished in the next few months.



All information regarding our support policies, requirements, our expectations and decision procedures can be found under the "Support" menu.



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