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Our focus is the dismantling of barriers between disciplines. We support interdisciplinary cooperation und mutual fertilization among different areas of knowledge and expertise with due consideration of our current Area of Emphasis including the practical implementation of projects. Our by-laws require that the recipients of our support are actively involved in bridging the gap between disciplines. All projects must therefore touch upon at least two disciplines that should be as alien to each other as possible. Our aim is to encourage completely different areas of knowledge to become actively entangled.

In the interest of a certain level of alignment and orientation among projects, the Andrea von Braun Foundation announces a new general Area of Emphasis on a yearly basis. This Area is broadly defined to allow for multiple approaches and view points. All projects that we support need to be interdisciplinary as described above and significantly touch upon the AoE. Up to and until Sept. 30, 2019 only projects that include the current Area of Emphasis will be accepted.

The Area of Emphasis for 2018/19 is Limited Natural Resources.

On Oct. 1, 2019 a new Area of Emphasis will become valid. Its subject will be announced in the summer of 2019 on this website.

The current Area of Emphasis (Limited Natural Resources) should be understood broadly and with due consideration of its relationships to, and with, completely different areas of knowledge. Of interest are thus not only ecological issues, but all areas of human activities that involve the limitation of natural resources in some way. This can involve, e.g. the self-cleaning capacity of the oceans,  financial infrastructures, educational capacities, the judiciary or the protection of bee colonies to the extent that these will touch upon natural resource issues.

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| Filmische Dokumentation eines interdisziplinären hydrogeologischen Projektes in Jaipur, Indien

Pani Check & Pani Doctors

Theresa Frommen, Katalin Ambrus

Durch die transdisziplinäre Kooperation zwischen der freischaffenden Filmemacherin Katalin Ambrus und der Hydrogeologin Theresa Frommen von der Freien Universität Berlin entstanden in den Jahren 2016–2019 zwei Filme über ein partizipatives und interdisziplinäres hydrogeologisches Projekt in Indien. Anhand einzelner Stationen der Zusammenarbeit, vom Kennenlernen bis hin zur...

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Briefe zur Interdisziplinarität seit 2008

Herausgeber Andrea von Braun Stiftung

01/Juni 2008 – Schwerpunkt Einzelkämpfer

02/Dezember 2008 – Schwerpunkt Musik

03/Mai 2009 – Schwerpunkt Medizin

04/November 2009 – Schwerpunkt Kunst

05/Juni 2010 – Schwerpunkt Zeit


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Submission deadline

Every year there are two rounds of applications. Our Board of Trustees convenes to decide all pending applications. These meetings are twice yearly in May/June and November/December. Submission deadlines precede these by about 10 weeks. Exact dates are announced well in advance here.

We would like to point out that no applications reaching us after September 26, 2019, 11:59 p.m. can be included for consideration at the next meeting of our Board in November/December 2019. Please note: We reserve the right to move this date forward without advance notice if the number of applications should overtax our capacities. The next meeting of the Board is planned for June 2020.


All information regarding our support policies, requirements, our expectations and decision procedures can be found under the "Support" menu.



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